Say ‘non’ to ‘en vogue’

Flea markets, charity shops, car boot sales; all have that certain whiff, all send cold shivers down the spines of those that need to see a garish label, a name, a brand on their garb. But it’s your garb, your expression. Not Yves’, nor Nike’s, alike. Why sear your flesh with branding; monotonous, void in individuality, often ruddy expensive. The aforementioned hotspots have usurped ‘vintage’ outlets which are now so a la mode, I question the difference between that which can be salvaged at these retro fayres and stuff rummaged through in a car boot sale. Though the enormous disparity in cost does spring to mind…

No Vogue will capture only nifty thrifty sartorial purchases, with a soupcon of affordable garments from those convenient retailers we need when we’re not prepared to sift through items of yore. I, personally derive pleasurable shivers from the thought of what I might stumble across, safe in the knowledge no-one else will own this one-of-a-kind. It makes for a more satiating shopping experience, and I feel unrestrained by what is on the catwalks.

The discerning eye finds chic in the shabby, so ditch the label habit and need to ardently follow what has been identified as the current ‘trend’; rather, find your own style and inform what you wear.